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Summary of OBAMA NO YOU CAN'T rally

From Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green) -

Dear Friends,

Over 250 people from all over the country came to the US Consulate in Jerusalem to attend the "Obama no you can't rally" organized by Women in Green and the Action Committees of Judea, Samaria and Binyamin, on the eve of Obama's appeasement speech in Egypt.

We came to declare:

You cannot appease the Islamic lust for conquest by selling down the Jews and their Biblical Homeland!
The Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel!

Speakers were: Dr Motti Keidar, Bar-Ilan University who spoke in Arabic, Rabbi Sholom Gold, Dean Jerusalem College for Adults, MK Arieh Eldad, MK Michael Ben Ari, Esther Pollard, 13 year old MaiNoah Katz from Neve Daniel, Atty Elyakim Haetzni, Zahava Englard from Efrat, Benny Katzover, Shomron Action Committee, Yehudit Katzover, the Committee for a Jewish Shdema, Nadia Matar, Women in Green. Dudu Elhara sang Erets Israel songs.

Esther Pollard wrote a beautiful and moving letter that can be read at:
After reading her letter, Esther crossed the street and handed over the letter to the Consulate.

As Gemma Blech from Women in Green summarizes: June 4th is the day President Barak Hussein Obama, President of the USA is due to speak to the Arab, Muslim world in Cairo. It is clear from all he and his State Department supporters have said that Israel, the Jewish Homeland, is to be the fall guy, in all his delusional plans for peace and security. Tonight's demonstration/vigil outside the US Consulate here in Jerusalem sent a clear message to the USA that we will not be moved. It was made clear by speaker after speaker - in English, Hebrew and Arabic that Israel has been the homeland of the Jews for 3000 years or more and now we are back we are here to stay. Empires have come and gone, have devastated and spoiled the land, but the Jews have made it blossom as a rose in the desert. Even if Obama never hears of our gathering, we who were there, and the minions from the Press, left encouraged. The G-d of Israel never slumbers nor sleeps and He will watch over His Land and His people - ALWAYS.

To see Gemma Blech's pictures of the rally please click on:

For Rivka Ryback's and Yossef Hartuv's pictures:

For the IBA interview in English with Nadia Matar:

For some AP & Reuters photos:

One of the many outstanding speakers at the rally was Zahava Englard from Efrat. We are publishing her speech below in its entirety. It is a must read.

Following Zahava Englard's speech is the speech by 13 year old MaiNoah Katz of Neve Daniel.

With love for Israel,

Nadia Matar, Women in Green
Yehudit Katzover, the Committee for a Jewish Shdema


Rally at US Consulate - Zahava Englard:

My name is Zahava Englard. I made aliyah 3 years ago and I live in the Judean Hills, the heartland of Israel. I have one son in the army and yet another scheduled to go in, in the coming year. And, one thing is for sure, my sons did not come to live in this land and join as proud soldiers of Israel's Defense Forces in order to carry out President Obama's destructive policy of chasing out our own people from our own land.

We, the Jewish people, the only legitimate heir to the Land of Israel have but one authority to adhere to. And, the last time I checked, G-d does not reside at the White House, or at the State Department.

Apparently, President Barak Hussein Obama is looking to make new friends. He is looking to make friends with those among the Arab nations who support, train, finance and harbor terrorists. To this end, General Keith Dayton's term has been extended in order to train the so-called Palestinian army at the U.S. taxpayer's expense - an army that will indubitably be used against the Jewish people.

To this end, Obama has concocted a Middle Eastern policy borne out of ignorance and arrogance. Ignorance in not realizing that a policy based on apologetic appeasement is translated by the Arab mentality as a posture of weakness. Arrogance, in thinking that he can persuade Iran to relinquish their nuclear agenda by using his electioneering charisma.

To this end, Obama has surrounded himself with delusional anti Israel protagonists such as the likes of John Zogby, Hillary Clinton, Samantha Powers, Emanuel Rahm, and George Mitchell to name a few.

You can go ahead and try to make new friends President Obama. Moreover, at the expense of your own country's national security, you can continue to ignore the real threat of global jihad from the very creatures you wish to cultivate as allies while you repudiate and isolate Israel, the only true ally the United States has in the Middle East. But, we promise you this, you will not buy your new friends with Jewish blood.

We the Jewish people have survived and stood up to 2000 years worth of nations, empires and various entities who rose to destroy us. Yet, we have not only survived. Indeed, we have risen out of the ashes of Europe and persevered to return with the help of G-d to our G-d given land, to re-establish our sovereignty over this Jewish Land - our Land of Israel. What, President Barack Hussein Obama, makes YOU think that you will succeed in destroying us where others have not. I have three words for you in this respect:


We will not lay down our arms; we will not relinquish our land. Apparently they must have skipped over this little fact in your history class back in Indonesia, and that is, while foreign armies and empires may have ransacked and ravaged the land as they passed through here throughout the ages, we, the nation of Israel, are the only people on this earth to have ever established a sovereign state on this, our Holy Land. The land of Israel in its entirety belongs to the Jewish people alone.

The so-called 'Two State Solution' is an oxymoron in and of itself. It has become a code word. A code word used by the U.S. State Department, the European Quartet and the Arab conglomerate of terrorists ­ as a gentleman's way (if you will) of begetting the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

We, the Jewish People of Israel are Jerusalem. We are Haifa, we are Shechem. We are Migron, Judea, Hevron, we are Tel Aviv, we are Takoa, Yitzhar, Maaleh Rechavam, Shdema and we are Kiryat Arbah.

As far as stopping the settlements, President Barak Hussein Obama? NO YOU CAN'T.

* * *
MaiNoah Katz:

My name is MaiNoah Katz. I'm an eighth grader living in the town of Neve Daniel in Gush Etzion, which is in Judea in the Land of Israel. I live next to an ancient highway where a big part of the history of our people took place.

When I walk from my house to the bus top, I pass the spot where our father Abraham first saw the place where G-d told him to sacrifice Isaac. It's the road that Joseph took when he was sent by his father to look for his brothers. A little further on is where Elazar the Maccabee was crushed by an elephant in one of the battles against the Greeks, which is why the community next to mine is called Elazar. A short distance from there is an ancient mikveh, where pilgrims coming to Jerusalem would immerse during Second Temple times. Close to our own time, the defenders of Gush Etzion held off the Egyptian army in 1948 and that way saved Jerusalem for the State of Israel.

And now: President Obama wants to tell me that this is not my home?! That I'm a stranger and a foreigner here? If I don't belong here, where do I belong?

Any Jewish kid knows that whenever the world called us strangers and foreigners, the next step was to chase us out and try to destroy us. We all heard our grandparents describe how, even though we Jews were peaceful and productive citizens in every land we lived in, we were always eventually hated and hunted. That is until G-d showed us open miracles and we finally returned home . . . because this was our only home. Just like our prophets foretold thousands of years ago.

When I was 9 years old, my parents took me to Gush Katif. They said they wanted me to see with my own eyes what the world really means when they talk about '"eace." My brother and I played on the beaches and in the parks. We stayed in the beautiful town of Neve Dekalim that was filled with people and life and singing. And then I saw the most terrible sight in all Jewish history: I saw masses and masses of Israeli soldiers dressed in black, marching into town like the Romans did 2,000 years before to destroy it all.

Gush Katif taught me what politicians mean when they talk "peace" and that history hasn't changed: the world continues to blame the Jews for all kinds of terrible things, telling all kinds of terrible lies. But, because I've been lucky enough to grow up here -- not only learning the Bible, but surrounded by it; not only learning Jewish history, but living it -- I know who I am and I know where I belong. And that's right here. Because this is the only place where the Jewish people do belong. Thank you.

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