Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leading Rabbi to Netanyahu: Generations Look to You; Be Strong!

Leading Rabbi to Netanyahu: Generations Look to You; Be Strong!

by Hillel Fendel

( Rabbi Tzvi Tau, head of a major stream within the religious-Zionist yeshiva world, has released an open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu on the eve of the latter's diplomatic speech. Rabbi Tau, 73, was a top student of the saintly Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook, now heads Yeshivat Har HaMor in Jerusalem, and is regarded as the top spiritual authority in thousands of homes and institutions across the country.

The letter states:

To Our Prime Minister, Raised Above the People, Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, May G-d protect and strengthen him

Peace and blessing.

At this fateful hour, the eyes of all Israel are uplifted towards you – the man whom the Supreme Providence has elevated to raise up the honor of Israel, by standing strong in the face of the pressures of the nations that abuse our independence and intervene in our affairs.

Has this not always been their way, the way of anti-Semitism? – to lead us to dilute, with our own hands, our strength, and to destroy that which we have built, and do away with the hope of our future. They cause us to be uprooted within our own land, wandering and persecuted, in order that they can be the ones to have “compassion” on us. Is not the entire Zionist movement a defiance of this tactic?

The nations of the world will ultimately drop off the stage of history, but – “the eternity of Israel will not lie” (Samuel I 15,29), and will remain forever true.

The prophecies of the Prophets of Truth and Justice will come true, and “not one word of their words will return unfulfilled.”

We are in the midst of returning to the inheritance of our forefathers, by virtue of the historic Divine decree that “says to Jerusalem ‘you shall be inhabited,’ and says to the cities of Judea ‘you will be built’” (Isaiah 44,26) – while the nations are “like a drop in the bucket, like dust on the scales” (ibid. 40,15). The word of our G-d will be established forever.

Honored Prime Minister of Israel, the responsibility of the generations rests upon your shoulders at this hour. There are historic moments at which one’s success depends precisely upon his measure of correlation with the long and eternal lines of He Who “proclaims all the generations from the beginning” (ibid. 41,4)....

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