Thursday, June 18, 2009

Israel Today - Hamas helping quell Iran riots?

Is Hamas helping to quell Iran riots?
Iranian protestors insist they are being attacked by Arab gunmen aligned with Palestinian terror groups more»

Firm Israeli demands never last, cautions minister
Landau says a year from now no one will care that Netanyahu called for 'demilitarized' Palestinian state more»

Druze and Christians clash in northern Israel
At least 9 hurt, rioters attack police with live fire, stones; riots sparked by false rumor regarding Internet video more»

Twitter revolutionizes Israel's global PR
US-based diplomatic staff praises ability to get accurate information into the hands supporters quickly more»

Obama dismisses Arab criticism of Netanyahu speech
Claims Israel also reacts harshly to policy speech out of Arab states; expects Arabs to join serious talks with Netanyahu more»

Israelis very happy with Netanyahu's speech
Prime minister's approval rating goes up 16 percent following peace policy speech that laid down firm Israeli conditions more»

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