Monday, January 4, 2010

Jewish World Review

 Wesley Pruden: Not much to show for year's work
Lori Borgman: 2009 was a Tiger of a year
Carl P. Leubsdorf: Despite cracks, crystal ball sees all in 2010
Jeff Jacoby: The 2000s: A descent into incivility
Paul Greenberg: The Devil's Work
Cokie and Steve Roberts: Winning battles, losing wars
Mort Kondracke: U.S. remains No. 1 economy, but won't stay that way without change
David Broder: Napolitano flavors the administration
Michelle Malkin: Underreported stories of 2009
Suzanne Fields: Beauty in the Beast
Mona Charen: Whose Fault Is It?
Linda Chavez: Clueless
Jonah Goldberg: Capitalism Fingered as Fiend of the Past Decade
Charles Krauthammer: Obama's dangerous denial

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