Monday, September 8, 2008

Africa is not for sissies

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thank you for a very good read.I am a south african and it is nice to see someone else understanding it like i do because i was starting to think i was going mad. the problem is that because of all the past and present problems south Africa faces we ( White - South Africans) can no longer pack up and leave as many of us would like. no one will have us and because we are not "at war" we cannot even become refugees. in the last year Ive been mugged twice, my handbag was stolen on 2 separate occasions as well, and i am one of the lucky ones.
i would advise anyone thinking of coming here for the 2010 world cup to prepare mentally for it beforehand. don't be surprised if u get mugged, your room or is broken into, your luggage is stolen or you become involved in a accident because these happen on a daily basis. This is a beautiful country with lots of promise and potential, but shamefully this is all being washed down the drain. the ruling president of the ANC is currently up on fraud and corruption cases, he has 12 wives, and he slept with a woman with aids and explained he took a shower after to prevent getting aids himself. now i ask you if this is our next president, what type of a role model is he to the youth and what message does he send out to the rest of the world?Sadly things here will get much worst before they get any better. But as they say: "Africa is not for sissies"
thank you again

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