Sunday, February 21, 2010

HonestReporting's 13th Mission to Israel

Do you follow the news from Israel and sometimes wish you could:

Speak directly with Israel’s top policy-makers

Hear what's really going on in Israel in 'closed door' briefings with experts

Go to the same 'hot spots' as the professional journalists (Hebron, West Bank Settlements and eastern Jerusalem) and make up your own mind if their reporting is accurate

Learn how to answer Israel's critics with undeniable facts

Meet Israeli political leaders from across the political spectrum and hear their perspectives directly

Discover what settlers, peace advocates, and Israeli Arabs have in common -- and where they disagree

Explore the history and centrality that Jerusalem has for the Jewish People

Professional level of attention to every detail

Spend an uplifting Shabbat in the heart of Jerusalem

Then join HonestReporting's "Behind the Headlines" Israel Conference from May 26 - June 1, 2010

For more information about the above Mission, please contact:

Suzanne Lieberman

US phone line: 1-847-745-8284
Israel: +972-54-239-2574
Fax: +972-8-974-4283

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