Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remembering Lander, Israeli Beats Knicks, NIF Fight, JStreet Reconciliation?

Jewish-Muslim study course grounds interfaith dialogue in sacred text

In the latest sign that the field of Jewish-Muslim dialogue and engagement is growing fast, a new nine-week course in Berkeley, Calif., introduces students of both faiths to the methodologies and foundational content of the Koran, Torah and Talmud. Read more »

Bernard Lander, Touro founder, dies

Rabbi Bernard Lander, who died this week at 94, created a vast education empire with the goal of sustaining Jewish tradition. Read more »

Breaking down the Im Tirtzu report on New Israel Fund

The Israeli student group Im Tirtzu is saying that there could be no Goldstone report without groups supported by the New Israel Fund. Does Im Tirtzu's report on NIF back up that claim? Read more »

Im Tirtzu founders say their fight is against anti-Zionists, not left-wingers

With calls for a "second Zionist revolution," the founders of an Israeli student group embroiled in a controversy over the New Israel Fund say that Israel has lost its sense of purpose. Read more »

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