Friday, February 19, 2010

War Scenarios for Africa

Newsletter 2010/02/17 - War Scenarios for Africa

BERLIN/PRETORIA (Own report) - The German Navy and Air Force have been carrying out since Monday their largest non-NATO maneuver of the year in South Africa. This maneuver, entitled "Good Hope IV" taking place close to Cape Town, is the fourth of its kind to be held together with the navy and air force of South Africa. The objective is to enable the two countries to coordinate military operations and will, this year, also include firing guided missiles, including air-to-ground missiles, such as those used by Germany in the aggression on Yugoslavia. South Africa seeks to be recognized as the stabilizing power for Africa. Berlin seeks to exploit this ambition and with Pretoria's help acquire new possibilities of control in Africa south of the Sahara. Their joint activities are benefiting not only from the generally close relationship between the two countries, but also from the fact that South Africa disposes of a large quantity of German-produced war material. In the current maneuver that simulates joint interventions in Africa, the navies of both nations will be operating warships produced in German dockyards. The maneuver is due to last until March 15.


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