Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ben-Ariel is a Christian who claims to be an Israelite

Talkback to New Film for Rebuilding Joseph's Tomb to Premiere in Big Apple

4. Joseph is not Jewish!
Joseph is the father of Ephraim (British Israelites) and Manasseh (the Americans, the Lands of the Covenant, the great nation of Menashe) - the two brothers who have shared unparalleled power and prosperity.

David Ben-Ariel, Toledo (14/01/09)

11. Ben-Ariel is a Christian who claims to be an Israelite.
He is not Jewish and he thinks one can be an Israelite without converting to Judaism and while keeping Xtian idolatry.

Yacov, Philadelphia (15/01/09)

That's right Yacov, the vast majority of legitimate Israelites, ethnic descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, have never converted to the religion of Judaism and never will, even if your rabbis presently fail to recognize Joseph and consider us "Gentiles." Most Gentilized Israelites are Joes, not Jews. Don't you know the difference? Haven't you ever read the Bible? There are Twelve Tribes of Israel and Joseph isn't Jewish!

Unlike many of those African and Asian converts to Judaism, proper British-Israelites know and understand that race and religion are two separate things. A Gentile African or Gentile Indian who converts to Judaism is still a Gentile! He has not changed his ethnicity, only his religion. Doesn't take an Einstein to figure that one out, does it?

And Yacov, Philadelphia? Why have you failed to follow Judaism to Israel? As for idolatry, I have forsaken the Babylon of traditional Christianity and follow Yeshua, and encourage Catholics and Protestants to do the same. I also recognize Jews aren't perfect and that both Israel and Judah must get their house in order before King Messiah arrives.

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