Sunday, January 11, 2009

Israel Today (January 11, 2009)

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IDF: Hamas gunmen falling like flies, cowering in holes
Israeli commanders say over 300 terrorists killed in past week; many deserting or refusing to come out and fight more»

Olmert scolds world for criticizing Gaza offensive
Israel rejects UN ceasefire resolution, but so does Hamas; Olmert says Gaza offensive to continue, calls for patience and determination more»

Gaza rockets prevent Israelis from returning to school
Beersheva schools try to reopen, but morning rocket attacks send kids back home in fear more»

Israelis in Egypt for Gaza ceasefire talks
Egypt hosts talks on French-authored truce deal; but Israel wants its demands included, or no deal more»

Hamas war crime leaves 40 dead at UN school
Terrorists fire mortars at IDF soldiers from school grounds; return fire brings down part of building more»

Israeli baby wounded as Hamas widens missile range
Gaza missiles reach central town of Gedera for first time; kindergarten in coastal city of Ashkelon suffers direct hit more»

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