Friday, January 16, 2009

Israel Today

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Israel kills Hamas leader, wipes out 'Iran Unit' in Gaza
No. 3 Hamas leader in Gaza killed; Israeli troops destroy Hamas' most elite, Iranian trained battalion more»

Israelis tossed from New Zealand restaurants
Banning of Israelis result of biased media coverage of Gaza that leaves Jews looking like blood-thirsty killers more»

IDF pushes into Gaza City
Israeli artillery shells city center; resident flee in fear, making task of rooting out terrorists easier more»

UN chief Ban in Israel, demands end to Gaza war
Says death toll in Gaza is 'unbearable', but IDF officials point out most of those killed were terrorists more»

Air raid sirens sound in Jerusalem; sign of things to come?
Home Front Command says siren blast was a malfunction; not everyone is convinced more»

Hamas waiting for Obama inauguration to seek Gaza truce
Israeli officials say Hamas probably believes Obama will be more receptive to its demands than Bush more»

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