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Estranged Joseph and Judah will be reconciled!

I posted this at "Volunteers Needed For Building In Eretz Yisrael!":

Joseph isn't Jewish! Joseph is the son of Rachel, the forefather of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples. Leah is the mother of the Jewish people, although Rachel is also the mother of Benjamin (Joseph's beloved brother) and some from the tribe of Benjamin went with Judah when the northern Ten Tribes went apostate and suffered defeat and deportation by the Assyrians (as Judah later fell to the Babylonians, failing to learn from history).

Christian Zionists (like Orde Wingate) recognize that God has blessed our Jewish brethren to serve as His custodians of the Promised Land of Israel, to be the first to return to Zion, to clear the way as pioneers and hold the land in trust for all Twelve Tribes of Israel, and so many of them do (even though hampered by Hellenists and persecuted by UNJews).

Today Israel is the Jewish homeland and our British Israelite nations should encourage our Jewish brethren to refuse to surrender an inch to our sworn enemies, to liberate those biblical territories still suffering under Arab occupation, and tend to the Holy Land of Israel with tender loving care, especially the Temple Mount.


Avodah Ivrit ("Hebrew Work") responded:

To the Christian who attempted to post here.

I will most certainly not publish your idolatrous and blasphemous ideas on our blog.

Jewish means "of Yehudah," which means that the five other sons of Leah are not Jewish.

Nowawadays, the term Jewish is used in the vernacular to refer to Israel, as Yehudah holds the kingship and surviving remnants.

The Mumbai community claiming decendency from Zevulun and Bukrarim, who some claim are from Naftali, have a claim to the name "Israel." Not you.

There is more evidence to support that the Pashtun of Afghanistan are decendents of

You are not Ephramites, you are nothing, but idoloters who hold to the tradiions of the early "Oral Torah" rejectionists.

Anyone who truly is proved to be a decendent of Efraim would certainly not be allowed to re-"enter Israel" with anti Torah beliefs as yours. The Torah, both Written and Oral, was not given to Yehudah, but to all of Israel.

The same law applies to all. We have already discovered and exposed several false converts conspiring to infiltrate our nation. The Rabbanut is on the watch for you.

You could never attain the halachic status of Israel. It has been lost through the loss of Matriarchal decendency. You would be mamzerim anyway, without the halachic formula for kosher divorce.

Of course, you're all just making this fantasy up based on Yair Davidiy's theories.Your ideas are certainly not relevant to this blog anyway.

Avodah Ivri rejects the labor and monetary support from Christians, as well as Arabs, non Jewish/Israel Thai, Phillipinos, Chinese, etc.


Idolatrous and blasphemous ideas are found in TRADITIONAL Christianity, and aspects of Judaism (Isaiah 55:7-9), definitely not in what I dare to share, which is the plain truth of the Bible and history. Both Israel and Judah need to get their house in order before King Messiah arrives. Jews aren't perfect and are in need of repentance too.

You can remain in denial all you please, blind to Joseph who stands before you (nothing new under the sun), but only the British Israelites in the West and the Pashtun to the East can legitimately claim to be Joes, to be proper descendants of Ephraim and Menashe: believe it or not.

Napthali is Norway and Zebulun is the Netherlands, Holland is identified with the Tribe of Zebulon, bearing the biblical birthmarks of fulfilled prophecies. If you would humble yourself, you could learn much from Yair Davidiy and the historical and rabbinical sources he cites.

I have never attempted to convert to Judaism and never will, as I have no need for it, and I don't agree with whatever few you claim attempted to "infiltrate" Israel (although Jews regularly "infiltrate" British Israelite nations and hide their identity).

Recognizing my Hebrew roots, I've already returned to keeping the biblical Sabbath, biblical festivals, biblical dietary laws and recognize Yeshua as the Son of Man, and look up to Him as the Suffering Servant, our soon coming King who will liberate Jerusalem from the German-Jesuit EU, but I never demand others believe the same way, as many Torah-observant Jews can testify.

"Avodah Ivri rejects the labor and monetary support from Christians, as well as Arabs, non Jewish/Israel Thai, Phillipinos, Chinese, etc."

I think it's great for Jews to work the land again (having lived in 8 kibbutzim), instead of being so far removed from it, yet you live in a Land primarily kept going by the monetary support of the United States of Menashe.

Shamefully, hypocrisy and unwarranted hatred pollutes your post. The Law and the Prophets reveal Jews and Israelites will return to Eretz Yisrael and then - in the Land - "return" to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His ways (although some, as pioneers, have already returned). Yet you think you can stand in the way of God's Word and Will with your self-righteous requirements, your unnecessary traditional burden upon Joes, perhaps out of fear or jealousy.

Regardless, Joseph and Judah, Israel and Judah, will be reconciled, and enmity a thing of the past.

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