Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Axis

A New Axis
(Own report) - Nazi mass crimes, with hundreds of thousands of civilian victims, are not only to remain unpunished, but even rewarded with a "a clear docket" for the state of the Federal Republic of Germany on the remaining cases. This is the primary objective of the German state's official lawsuit before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Berlin filed this suit in the last few days of December, hoping to elude prosecution for crimes committed by its predecessor - the German Reich. Berlin seeks to permanently thwart the application of claims raised by the victims and their descendents. In its suit, the German government is claiming "immunity" and considers that the German Reich's crimes fall within its regular national jurisdiction. The suit literally states that verdicts ruling reparations to the victims should not be enforced because they violate "Germany's sovereign immunity". The Federal Republic of Germany sees itself as the direct legal successor of the German Reich, whose heritage it had assumed in 1949, while renouncing its responsibilities. The "sovereign immunity" that Germany now seeks to claim, was annulled during the Nuremberg Trials with the assessment that the German Reich had committed unimaginable crimes against humanity. Essential elements of its government bodies functioned as criminal associations, spreading murder and terror throughout Europe.

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