Sunday, February 22, 2009

David Ben-Ariel wearing tefillin

David Ben-Ariel wearing tefillin
Those beanies, like the pagan pope wears too, are called kippa (kippot), skull caps. Phylacteries/Tefillin are leather straps for the left arm and include a little box with specific Scriptures in it, as called for in Torah by those to whom it has been given to understand.

I'm opposed to the beanies, as they're nothing but idolatrous tradition like the pagan Catholics, but the phylacteries are biblical and Yeshua wore them, as well as the *tzittzit - the fringes - that the sick woman touched to be healed, since they are braided in such a way to include God's Holy Name.
Since our Israelite ancestors wore them, not just the Jews, I wanted to experience it and prayerfully did several times, here at the Western Wall around 1990. Most don't believe it's necessary for Christian Israelites or Christian Jews to wear them today, although **Shaul/Paul never spoke against them for JEWS and continued to follow those biblical traditions of the Pharisees.

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