Thursday, February 12, 2009

Israel Today (Thu 02/12/2009)

Israel is now a right-wing nation
Poll confirms results of general election: Israel has significantly shifted from left to right more»

Abbas likens Israel's Likud to Hamas
'Moderate' Palestinian leader precludes any chance of meaningful dialogue with Israel's new leadership more»

IDF soldiers' vote could result in election tie
While media moves on to discuss Livni's coalition, 150,000 votes remain uncounted, and could give Likud an extra mandate more»

Israeli parties reject power-sharing compromise
Kadima calls rotating premiership a 'gimmick'; Likud says no need for such solutions, since right-wing clearly came out on top more»

Israel election results could lead to break up of Kadima
If Netanyahu forms right-wing gov't, right-leaning members of Kadima could be enticed to break away and join him more»

High number of Europeans blame Jews for world's troubles
Nearly one-third of Europeans say high-ranking Jewish financial officers responsible for global meltdown more»

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