Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Farrakhan is a racist hypocrite!

Re: "I don't hate all black people"

Originally Posted by shaukat
you only hate Blacks who kick your Talmudic AZZ.... such as Farakhan

Doesn't say much for you to have an idol like Farrakhan, another forged hero for those who terribly waste their minds. Besides, what's that racist hypocrite still doing in the United States? I thought he was AFRO-centric? Did he drop out of school or flunk geography and history? Africa is not America - although some parts do too closely resemble it, and will undoubtedly get worse since we've had that African coup here, "thanks" to Obama and conservative cowards.

Since when is the New Testament "Talmudic"? (It does stand up for the Pharisees whom Christ corrected without throwing out the baby with the bathwater). You're confused through and through, aren't you? Go educate yourself what Christian Zionists believe and be all the better for it. The truth can set you free.

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