Friday, February 27, 2009

Israel enables more rocket attacks against Jews

I'm sick of reading about this, since it's something that literally could be stopped overnight if the Israelis would repent and empower true Jewish leaders to remember the Law of Moses, as Meir Kahane reminded the nation, and expel their sworn Nazi Muslim and Arab enemies and bring the UNJews to justice (Malachi 4:4).


Israel's Betrayal of the Jews

Shimon Peres Has No Clothes: Where's the Peace?

Qassam Rocket Attack Damages Two Sderot Homes
For the second time this week, Qassam rockets targeted the western Negev town of Sderot. On Thursday morning, February 26, a Qassam rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists in northern Gaza exploded in the backyard of a Sderot home. A mother and her son were treated for shock as were a number of other civilians in the neighborhood where the rocket struck. No injuries were reported. The Qassam rocket caused damage to two Sderot homes when it exploded.
The Tzeva Adom or Color Red siren blared through Sderot and surrounding communities around 8:30 am, with the Qassam exploding in Sderot Read more and watch the video

Sderot High School Girls Rocket Attacks
Every Wednesday, we gather together with the high school students in the ‘Tranquility’ room at the religious high school.

This time I actually felt that for the first time the group was finally beginning to bond. Sixteen girls arrived at the designated time, and you could feel their hesitation and the curiosity towards one another in the room. Debbie, the psychologist, Nechama the social worker, and I, the project conductor, shared the same mixed feelings.

Debbie opened the session by introducing a teddy bear she brought along. She explained that anyone who held the teddy bear had the right to speak. Read more

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