Monday, February 9, 2009

Leading Rabbis Bless Ketzaleh

Leading Rabbis Bless Ketzaleh
by Yehudah Lev Kay and Baruch Gordon

( While Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu met with Yuval Rabin, son of assassinated Prime Minster Yitchak Rabin, on Monday, the day before elections, Ichud Leumi (National Union) leader Yaakov Ketzaleh was busy receiving blessings from two of the most well respected Rabbis in Israel.

Ketzaleh met early in the morning with former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu. Rabbi Eliyahu is recognized as one of the main rabbis in the National Religious community in Israel.

Rabbi Eliyahu blessed Ketzaleh, and acknowledged that Ketzaleh serves as his “long arm” in politics. In addition he told Ketzaleh to “stand watch over the land of Israel.”
In the afternoon, Ketzaleh visited Rabbi Chaim Kanievski, a leading figure in the hareidi-religious community. Rabbi Kanievski is the nephew of the famed rabbi known as the Chazon Ish and is married to the daughter of Rabbi Yosef Elyashiv, who is widely recognized as the leader of hareidi-religious Lithuanian Jews.

Rabbi Kanievski expressed his satisfaction that Ketzaleh and the Ichud Leumi have pledged their dedication to Rabbinic guidance, and wished Ketzaleh “blessings and success” in the elections.

Ketzaleh Gives Speed InterviewIn a Monday interview with Maariv newspaper's website NRG, Yaakov "Ketzaleh" Katz was asked to rapidly respond to phrases fired at him. The interview follows:

Nrg: The war in the south
Ketzaleh: The time has come to call it by its real name: the Disengagement War.

Nrg: Hamas.
Ketzaleh: A cancerous growth that spreads and strengthens from Israeli weakness.

Nrg: The Ichud HaLeumi (National Union) party.
Ketzaleh: Zionism with no hesitations. The surprise of these elections.

Nrg: The Jewish Home party.
Ketzaleh: Not only nationalists love Judaism. They need a home too.

Nrg: Splitting [of parties].
Ketzaleh: The Ichud HaLeumi brought together 4 separate parties and will not allow any split offs.

Nrg: Guaranteeing a spot on a party list for a woman.
Ketzaleh: Women have always been the guarantee of the Jewish People.

Nrg: Minimum threshold (setting a minimum number of votes to get into Knesset).
Ketzaleh: It should be raised to reduce the number of small parties.

Nrg: Moshe Feiglin.
Ketzaleh: A Jew who was insulted. His followers should punish Bibi and return home.

Nrg: Binyamin Netanyahu.
Ketzaleh: We will strengthen him from within his government.

Nrg: Baruch Marzel.
Ketzaleh: Will give us another Knesset seat.

Nrg: Arutz Sheva (which Ketzaleh founded).
Ketzaleh: A ship that will never be sunk. The left will not shut our mouths.

Nrg: Adir Zik (famous broadcaster on Arutz Sheva who passed away).
Ketzaleh: I miss him. A man of truth. We need him.

Nrg: BeSheva newspaper (which Ketzaleh founded).
Ketzaleh: A profitable operation. One must also know how to advance an ideology.

Nrg: HaTzopheh newspaper (now defunct).
Ketzaleh: Of blessed memory.

Nrg: Gush Katif (the Jewish region destroyed by the Kadima gov't).
Ketzaleh: These bones represent all the House of Israel. A breath of life should enter you and revive you.

Nrg: Ariel Sharon.
Ketzaleh: A friend who has many merits and disappointed us. If he returns, we will receive him.

Nrg: Refusing orders.
Ketzaleh: Only when the order is illegal and immoral.

Nrg: Accepting dictates of the State.
Ketzaleh: This holy State needs root canal work.

Nrg: Rabbi Avraham Shapira.
Ketzaleh: A warrior.

Nrg: Hilltop youth.
Ketzaleh: A brigade in the Zionist enterprise.

Nrg: The Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
Ketzaleh: The time has come for a chief Rabbi from our camp.

Nrg: The Shas party.
Ketzaleh: Had they not supported the Oslo accords, everything would be different today.

Nrg: The Supreme Court.
Ketzaleh: The Neturei Karta of the left.

Nrg: Chardal (the religious hareidi-Zionist camp).
Ketzaleh: An up and coming force in the religious-Zionist camp.

Nrg: The two sides of the Jordan river.
Ketzaleh: This side is ours, and the other one too. (a well-known pre-state nationalist song).

Nrg: Arab citizens of Israel.
Ketzaleh: Today, even the last of the leftists knows to whom they are loyal.

Nrg: The Temple Mount.
Ketzaleh: It has already begun to be built, at least it the public awareness.

Nrg: G-d.
Ketzaleh: Dad.

Nrg: Breslov Chasidim.
Ketzaleh: Joy.

Nrg: A cane (part of Ketzaleh's leg was blown off in Yom Kippur war. He walks with a cane).
Ketzaleh: To walk on two complete legs is a privilege.

Nrg: The Jewish Underground.
Ketzaleh: The pre-state Jewish underground against the British was excellent.

Nrg: Channel 2 TV.
Ketzaleh: I criticize their content but respect their success.

Nrg: Internet.
Ketzaleh: An imaginary global village.

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