Friday, January 2, 2009

Why Does So Much Of The World Hate The Jews?

J. D. Longstreet
Why Does So Much Of The World Hate The Jews?

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Anonymous said...

It may be simply because of the method of how Jews operate when bartering. Call it being difficult, argumentative, unreasonable and unwilling to give an inch, that appears to be a Jewish persons way of conducting business, possibly long long ago if not now. Said to have been "jewed" meant being short changed and well, that sums it up.

But, add to it this: Being arrested, taken away and millions within several years died unspeakable deaths. When the world knew, and could have perhaps acted with an attack on the railroad systems to stop the transport, they instead did nothing, some countries collaborated, the U.S. refused admittance of refugees, as did other countries. Millions died but those Jews who survived are the strong DNA, and now, they may indeed being saying to all of the rest of us: "Sweet Revenge" and do believe it is possible that their swift rise to the top of every profession, in powerful positions, gives them the ability to now show the world how they really feel about having been left to suffer and watch loved ones die such horrible deaths, humiliating deaths, when minutes lasted forever and they waited for help from someone, anyone.

Armenians are also noted to be shrewd businessmen, arguments of who will pay for lunch and it isn't because one wants to pay but rather one does not. Constantly undermining each other, it was said at war, they stole one anothers ammo, sabotaged, were insubordinate, and well, genocide was a result. Like a bad neighbor, who refuses to bend. Makes others not want to be around them. Call it human nature.