Monday, February 8, 2010

Anne Elizabeth (Creeger) Hoover


My sister Sue said: I was doing some cleaning and found this picture in my china cabinet. On the back of it I wrote, mother of Russel DeRoy Hoover, grandmother of Arthur Hoover - owned china cabinet & spinning wheel. 1835-1925. I remember gramps telling me who she was when we went through some old photos./

I also remember Grandpa telling us after she died they found a lot of greenbacks hidden under the floor, she must have had from her oil wells. (Yes, Ohio had oil wells). She's my great great Grandma (the one Abraham Hoover ran out on with the maid, so we were told).

Here's a picture I have of Grandma (Creeger) Hoover:

My great great Grandmother (Creeger) Hoover

See also Abraham Hoover and Anne Creeger

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