Monday, February 8, 2010

Jews in Shiloach, Jerusalem to stay!

Beit Yehonatan Residents Defiant after Eviction Plans Postponed
by Gil Ronen and Hillel Fendel

( The Jerusalem municipality postponed its plan Monday to serve eviction notices to residents of Beit Yehonatan, the Jewish-owned building in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shiloach (Silwan). The change of plan came about after police recommended not to go ahead with the serving of the eviction notices.

The municipality's plan called for serving eviction notices to additional structures in eastern Jerusalem, which are occupied by Arabs, at the same time that the eviction notice to Beit Yehonatan is served. This, in keeping with Mayor Nir Barkat's position that if an illegal Jewish building is sealed, in accordance with State Prosecution demands, the same must apply for some 200 illegal Arab structures.

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How logical Jews want to live in the City of David. It's past time Israel's sworn Arab enemies are driven out and Jews invited to restore their biblical presence everywhere in the Promised Land of Israel. I was blessed to be in Jerusalem, in Shiloach, when the return began, as I wrote:

Conflict in Jerusalem
They've placed barbed wire all around their "yard," freshly tarred their roof, have an Israeli flag flying & are still clearing out all the junk the Arabs threw in there for the past 7 years. It was exciting to drive through that Palestinian village as they looked on. Earlier, being hot as usual, I started to roll down my window when they reminded me it's better to be hot than get a stone in the face!

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