Sunday, January 4, 2009

Israel Today (January 4, 2009)

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Israeli forces trisect Gaza, kill 50 terrorists
Army censors news of operation, but reports indicate Gaza City is surrounded; more than 20 Israeli soldiers wounded in fighting more»

Europe shocks Israel, backs Gaza invasion
EU presidency goes to Czech Republic, which insists Israeli invasion of Gaza is defensive, not offensive more»

Hamas lies to media to weaken Israeli resolve
Terror groups claims it has abducted 2 more Israeli soldiers; says 10 Israelis were killed during Gaza incursion more»

Hamas brutalizes internal enemies
75 Fatah men shot in legs as warning; at least 35 Palestinians who helped Israel in the past executed more»

Gaza women can't wait to bomb Israelis
In video on Hamas TV, Gaza women speak of desire to become human bombs against Israeli soldiers more»

10,000 Israeli troops pour into Gaza; heavy fighting reported; several dozen Hamas gunmen reportedly killed more»

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