Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kibbutz Dan pictures

The rumors of war were intensifying when American friend John and I moved from Kibbutz Shoval in the Negev down south (not far from Gaza) to Kibbutz Dan in the far north, near the beautiful snow-covered Mount Hermon.

We had lived in the north earlier, on top of a mountain at Kibbutz Adamit on the border of Lebanon. At Kibbutz Dan we were next to Lebanon and Syria. We used to watch the military set off flares (see the picture with steps and the mountains in the background), on guard for terrorist incursions, and thought it would be beautiful, almost like fireworks in the United States, if it weren't so serious. Deja vue... seems like I wrote that somewhere, but who knows where, so I repeat it here.

Kibbutz Dan just before Gulf War

Kibbutz Dan during Operation Desert Storm

Here are some photos of Kibbutz Dan and surrounding areas, like Nimrod's Castle; the orange groves (notice the orange crates with my gas mask (mesuchot gaz) box sitting on top of it, since we were to go nowhere without it - it contained powder to put on any chemicals and brush with gauze so we wouldn't burn ourselves; a needle to punch through our pants into our leg in case of chemical attack, containing atropine, and our gas mask); Kibbutznik Etna Levy in the cheder ochel (dining room) and at work at Dan Sprinklers; some critters like goats and our camel; Tel Dan (mentioned in the Bible as a notorious site of idolatry - I purposely took a leak near it, in biblical fashion, to show disrespect for the idols that were popular there); Druze brothers we worked with; fish ponds (trout) - they had a bigger one where I lost a contact when they drained it to get the fish and they were splashing like mad); and one of my favorites pictures that shows Dan Springs, one of the 3 sources of the Jordan River.

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