Monday, December 15, 2008

Israel Today (December 15, 2008)

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There is no 'moderate' Islam, Dutch lawmaker tells Israelis
Dutch MP explains at Jerusalem conference that all Muslims - radical or 'moderate' - seek global domination one way or another more»

200,000 celebrate Hamas anniversary in Gaza
Huge turnout for terror group's birthday shows most Palestinians still support Hamas more»

Poll: Israelis want to keep Hebron
Violent eviction of Jews from Hebron house strengthens emotional ties to biblical city among most Israelis more»

Jimmy Carter cozies up to Syrian and Hamas despots
Former president tells Syria that Obama will befriend it, despite support for terrorists and Iran more»

Israelis not pleased with Obama's 'nuclear umbrella' offer
Why would Obama-ruled US attack Iran later if it won't even stop it now? Striking after Israel's destruction would pose even more problems more»

Israel wants to renew Gaza truce, let Hamas rebuild and try again
DM official says Israel knows Hamas wants to destroy it, but current leaders would rather wait group out than defeat it more»

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