Monday, December 22, 2008


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Gaza ceasefire put more Israelis in danger, security chief confirms
Hamas used period of calm to import more long-range rockets; can now threaten 800,000 Israelis more»

Venezuela's Chavez helps Syria violate Iran sanctions
Venezuelan aircraft reportedly ferrying ballistic missile parts from Iran to Syria in violation of UN sanctions more»

Israel's water crisis continues to worsen
Less than half of average rainfall so far this winter; officials expect severe water restrictions come spring more»

Gaza truce ends, rockets rain down on Israel
Over 50 rockets and mortars hit southern Israel over weekend; one person wounded, home and youth center destroyed more»

Chances for Israeli-Syrian peace dim
Assad wants all of the Golan, but tells EU diplomats he will never meet Israeli demand that he stop sponsoring terror groups more»

Jimmy Carter proudly becomes Hamas advisor
Former US president says he tried to help Hamas leaders determine demands for hostage Israeli soldier more»

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