Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel Today

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Israel's use of force in Gaza: Excessive, or just right?
Legal expert explains that condemnation of Israel for 'excessive use of force' is illogical and has no legal basis more»

Egypt and Hizballah in war of words over Gaza
Egyptian FM mocks Hizballah as weak and disgraceful after Lebanese group urges Egyptians to rise up more»

Israeli FM tells al-Jazeera to shape up
Livni warns Arab news network that its one-sided coverage is stoking the flames of hatred, not advancing the cause of peace more»

Israel lets humanitarian aid into Gaza
Israel stresses fight is not against Gaza's civilians; Barak urges Gazans to get away from Hamas and its bases more»

Israeli wounded in another Samaria terror stabbing
Attack comes hours after Arab handyman rampaged through Jewish town wounding four local Israelis more»

US bombs play big role in Gaza assault
Israel uses first shipment of advanced US bunker-buster bombs to great effect against Gaza terrorists more»

Hamas slaughters Gazans who helped Israel
Palestinians who helped Israel in past escape when Gaza prison bombed, but locals step in and murder them more»

Israeli army opens YouTube channel
Footage of IDF strikes on Gaza to be uploaded regularly to counter claims of indiscriminate massacre more»

Report: Hamas hiding most potent missiles under Gaza hospital
Terrorists said to have huge weapons storage facility beneath Gaza's Shifra Hospital more»

ANALYSIS: Israeli kids grieved, Arab kids enthused by war
The way the children of both communities deal with war is indicative of the true roots of the conflict more»

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