Sunday, December 28, 2008

Israel Today

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Israel prepares to invade Gaza; Hamas sends missiles deep into Israel
Cabinet approves call-up of reserve forces; Hamas fires 150 rockets at Israel; first rockets ever hit port city of Ashdod more»

Over 200 terrorists killed in massive Israeli assault on Gaza
Israel lulls Hamas into false sense of security before unleashing 'shock and awe' aerial strike on Gaza more»

Israel: We had no choice but to hit Gaza
Israel embarks on PR campaign to counter images from Gaza and wild Arab accusations; Netanyahu pledges unity until Hamas is defeated more»

US, Australia back Gaza strike; rest of the world doesn't
US, Australia blame Hamas alone for Gaza situation, while other leaders try to take more 'balanced' approach by also criticizing Israel more»

Arabs condemn Israel, but also displeased with Hamas
Abbas, Egyptian FM slam Hamas for renewing rocket fire on Israel; Hamas reportedly preventing wounded from reaching Egypt more»

Livni: Enough is enough; Israel prepares to attack Gaza
Israeli FM rebuffs Egyptian demands for restraint after more than 80 rockets pound southern Israel; Hamas taunts Jerusalem more»

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