Friday, December 19, 2008

Jonathan Freedland has his head in the sand

Re: On air: A four state solution in the Middle East

Jonathan Freedland has his head in the sand. His vain proposals exhibit more hateful idiocy from those who fail to face harsh reality.

Reality check for Mr. Freedland: What part of the Promised Land of Israel don't you get? What part of Jewish homeland don't you understand? His prejudicial language and hostile attitude against the Jewish pioneers is appalling. You would think they're the one engaged in mass murder of innocent men, women, children and babies in strollers like the Nazi Muslims routinely are!

Shame on you, Jonathan Freedland! Why do you aid and abet terrorists? The Arabs will never accept Israel in any deformed shape or political fashion, regardless of how much land they dismember and permit to be Arab-occupied. The biblical solution, as revealed by Moses and called for by former Israeli parliament member, Meir Kahane (murdered by another Arab terrorist) is to expel Israel's sworn enemies and immediately annex the liberated biblical lands, enforcing peace through strength.


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After posting this earlier, I've since received this update to explain Mr. Freedland describes a 'four state problem' in the Middle East, but doesn't think there can be a four state solution. So I gladly and quickly retract anything against Mr. Freedland in light of this clarification.

"Ros Atkins"
WHYS: An extra note on today's show on the Middle East

I've just had an email from our main guest Jonathan Freedland asking me to make it clear that while he describes a 'four state problem' in the Middle East, he doesn't think that there can be a four state solution.
I wanted to pass that on to you, and remind you that you can hear him outline his ideas on the Middle East in detail at the beginning of today's World Have Your Say. Please post your questions and comments here.
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