Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Israel Today (December 24, 2008)

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Israel blamed as dozens of rockets hit Negev towns
Hamas says Israel responsible for 60-rocket barrage on Negev; Egypt reportedly now backs Israeli invasion of Gaza more»

Hamas lawmakers push Sharia Law on Palestinians
Bill calls for whipping those who drink alcohol, severing hands of thieves; death reserved for those who aid Israel more»

Arab media calls Syria's bluff on peace
Major Arab newspaper says if Syria was serious about peace, it would need to cut Iran ties, which it isn't more»

Hamas mulls extending truce, fires more rockets
Hamas leaders talk of new ceasefire, even as terrorists fire more rockets at southern Israel; Israeli towns hold massive rocket drill more»

Netanyahu, most Israelis say peace not worth Golan Heights
Likud leader says gov't headed by his party will never cede Golan; poll shows most Israelis back that position more»

Tourist finds cache of ancient gold coins in Jerusalem
British volunteer on dig in 'City of David' makes astounding find; coins date to rule of Roman Emperor Heraclius more»

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