Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hanukkah on the Temple Mount

Years ago, shortly after my baptism in 1979, I felt led to write a book. I relate some information about it in the 'Author's Note' of Beyond Babylon and share more in Beyond Babylon: Hard Labor of Love.

I'm honored to say that the initial 'Introduction' to my book was written upon the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. To top that off, it was during the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah - the Festival of Lights - the Feast of the Dedication! A glorious time commemorating the God-given victory of the few over the many, light over darkness, truth over error and the rededication of the purified Temple of God, since it had been polluted by foreigners from without and betrayed by Hellenists (liberal Jews) from within.

My hope and prayer is for Israel and Judah, British-Israelites and Jews, to become 'One Nation Under God,' a truly 'United Kingdom,' filled with the Holy Spirit of God, a Kingdom of Priests, becoming a LIGHT TO ALL NATIONS - the Temple of God.

Beyond Babylon is dedicated to increase light in this dark world, to rekindle the sacred embers of the Faith once delivered to Jerusalem, calling folks away from Rome, encouraging all to forsake Babylon, to move beyond babylon, and return to Zion where we belong.

For Zion's sake,
David Ben-Ariel

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Anonymous said...

David Ben Ariel,
I believe Isreal should continue on after engaging Hamas by taking back the Temple Mount. This is the most holiest sight for both Jews and Christians while it is counted as the third holiest sight for Moslims. How can the Moslims even compare their claim with that of Jews and Christians is more than I can see. It is time for Isreal to take back the Temple Mount and rebuild the Temple so that Jews and Christians may come and worship there. As a Christian, I am totally behind Isreal and support the Nation which as a Christian I claim as my homeland the same as the Jews. It is time to prepare for our Messiah. Christians and Jews unite in defense of the homeland of Isreal. Isreal, our God is with you. Brenda USA