Friday, December 12, 2008

Quartet for Five Hands

Quartet for Five Hands

“And Esav took Machalat the daughter of Yishmael…He went to Yishmael and said to him, ‘let us join together, I and you and we will rule the whole world.”

The focus of modern geopolitics gives credence to written Torah and commentary by old masters. The focus is the dismemberment of Israel – Ya’akov – cutting the Jewish people off from their holiest places and heartland. If the powers truly seek peace and prosperity this is irrational but “they are drunk, and not with wine.” Moreover, their madness, sold by the media that chant it into ‘fact’ cloaks an otherwise obvious anomaly: the Quartet is not a foursome but has five players, albeit the fifth is partly disguised, “the better to eat you with, my dear…”

What is the Quartet? The media has taught almost everyone: America, the European Union, Russia and the “United Nations,” united only in their hatred of, 1) Israel and 2) America by which they expect to be fed and primed with cash. The United Nations as an entity is a useful fiction, a congeries of mostly artificial states created by European colonialism that gives a cosmopolitan and “humanitarian” veneer to the agendas of the original powers and their local dependencies....

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